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From planning your big day start to finish, to helping you to find the best location, catering, or flower arrangements, I will always be by your side. I will always give you the best advice to save time and money. I can help design, coordinate and style your wedding.


Birthdays, graduation parties, baby showers, anniversaries, Christenings…. These are only some of the events that I will help you to organise. Even the smallest party will be the greatest and every moment, we assure you, will be unforgettable.


From your living room to the most elegant restaurant downtown, I will plan for you an incredible party. Do you own a bistro/pub/bar/club but you do not have any idea and enough time to organize juicy event to attract new costumers? I will help you to find the best solution for you.


Are you fed up with the usual company event? Did you know that you only need a couple of brand new ideas to turn the most boring meeting into a fun experience? I will make every working summit a sparkling event helping you with team building, branding and new products presentations.


From the green cliffs to snowy landscapes, celebrating your special day among the majestic Dolomites is an unique experience. Stunning and luxurious hotels in Val Badia, Plan De Corones Kronplatz with its breath-taking views, the lake of Braies a pure emerald embraced by the mountains… some of these and others may be the perfect locations for a romantic wedding in Trentino Alto Adige.
You will be led in the organisation of your special day by those who live in the area and know these places like their own backyard.


Is your dream to get married surrounded by wild nature? Then, Trento should be your choice. What about a romantic celebration instead? Verona, the city of love, is the perfect destination. Looking for a charming and enchanting atmosphere? Lake Garda and lake Como are the best solutions. What about the countryside? A villa among the vigneti in Valpolicella and Val d’Orcia will provide good food and a joyful atmosphere.
We will carefully search and select the perfect location in Italy, from the gentle hills in Tuscany to the wild costs in Liguria, or from the glamour Milan to the fascinating Costiera Amalfitana.


We are not scared of planning your wedding on the other side of the world, not at all! Do you dream of a romantic wedding with your bare feet on the white sand of the Caribbean Sea or are you planning to have a wild party in Vegas with Elvis as your priest? The world is at your feet, the only thing you have to choose is how to make your wedding even more unique. We will take you to the enchanting beaches of Kenya, among the green rice hills in Bali and on the top of a skyscraper in NYC. Close your eyes and spin the globe, we will do the rest.



We will plan your wedding as a unique event, selecting and researching the best solutions for your style and budget. In fact, we are very careful with the budget we are given and we find every solution keeping an eye on the bill so that you will not need to worry.
We also be present the day of the event in order to coordinate all the details so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

You can tell if it is a good party from the overall atmosphere too. We design personalized settings for each event, ceremony or party. You will lead us with your inspirations and suggestions and we will share with you our ideas thanks to digitals tool, such as Pinterest. We assure you everything will suit you perfectly.



The perfect location for your wedding exists and it is somewhere waiting to be found. This is the reason we will be your fairy godmothers: like a treasure hunt, we will look for the perfect scenography for your big day and we will introduce you only to the best one. You will not waste weekends trying places that you do not really like; instead, we will guide and lead you through this tough challenge and we can make even the most unconventional place totally conventional.



We only work with people who are real experts and, in this case, who can be delicate and creative with flowers. Planning the flowers arrangement of your event is really important: it has to be in harmony with all of the rest of the location, unique and perfect.



As a rule of thumb, your guests will likely remember two things from your wedding: if they had fun, and the food you served.
This is the reason why we consider this element one of the most important of the entire event. We work only with the best chefs and we will suggest to you the best banqueting services. I will be by your side while planning the menu, choosing the most delicious cake and testing refined wines.
Moreover, we will carefully plan for you the mise en place which will make your dinner even more special.



Your wedding invitation will be the introduction of your big day to your guests. It has to be special and coordinated to the desired atmosphere of the event. This is the reason why we believe it has to perfectly match the setting, location etc. We will work on different graphic design options and when you pick your favourite, we make sure everything matches perfectly. For example, the little book your guests are given at the mass and the tableau de mariage.